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Tap and shower aftercare guide

by Gary Dooley on June 03, 2021

Although all Bathzoom products are built to the highest standards, aftercare within your bathroom is important to ensure everything is kept in tip top condition and working smoothly. 


If you’re installing any product which requires the use of tools, take extra care not to damage the finish of the fittings. Fixings can be easily scratched which can ruin the overall effect. If there are any protective films on any of the products, it’s best to leave these on until the very end of the project. 


To maintain the appearance of your bathroom hardware, clean everything thoroughly and regularly with the appropriate cleaning products. Some bathroom cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals so it’s always worth checking that your products can withstand these. Cleaning products that contain abrasive ingredients or detergents must not be used as they may cause surface deterioration and ruin the finish and function of the item.

The glazed finish of any sanitaryware should be cleaned by applying a small amount of a suitable cream cleaner using a sponge or damp cloth before rinsing thoroughly with clean water.


Do not place any bathroom furniture close next to a towel rail or radiator. If it is mounted too close, it could cause warping and discolouration. Towel rails ideally should be at least 300mm away from any bathroom furniture. 


Avoid using any degreasing agents on these areas as they are lubricated and require grease to work properly. Try wiping out with a damp soapy cloth and dry with a soft dry cloth as necessary. Always be careful when opening drawers or hinged screens, it’s important not to overload the weight so avoid leaning on them. We advise that once the bathroom has been installed you should check every six months that all screws on the hinges are still tight.


Worktops are hard wearing, but you still need to take care to avoid sharp objects, excessive heat or heavy objects that may drop or fall onto the surface and cause damage. To clean these, a damp soapy cloth should suffice for most marks, steering clear of bleach, scouring pads or multi surface cleaners. Corrosive liquids and makeup should be wiped off immediately with no spillages, even water, being allowed to lie on the surface.

For more advice or any help with how to look after your bathroom furniture and hardware, get in touch with our team.